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26 January 2021

THE HILL: Environmental policy must prioritize voices of color Featured

While the political world has been tumultuous lately, one takeaway stands out among the chaos. More and more, we see the importance of the role grassroots organizers and movers play in shaping our nation’s democracy…
07 January 2021

INSIDE CLIMATE NEWS: As Biden Eyes a Conservation Plan, Activists Fear Low-Income Communities and People of Color Could Be Left Out

President-elect Joe Biden has said that one of his first steps upon taking office will be to pass an executive order to conserve 30 percent of U.S. lands and waters by 2030. 
16 November 2020

VAIL DAILY: Local pastor starts Vida Foundation Featured

Pastor Josue Rubio and his congregation at Centro Christiano Vida Nueva church in Edwards are working to have a greater positive impact for youths in the Eagle River Valley.
11 November 2020

PUBLIC NEWS SERVICE: Nonprofit Launched to Serve Eagle County Immigrant Communities Featured

EDWARDS, Colo. -- Immigrant communities in Eagle County are celebrating this week's launch of the Vida Foundation, the brainchild of Pastor Josué Rubio of the Vida Nueva Christian Center in Edwards.
29 October 2020

MEDIUM: A Vote for the Ocean

The global pandemic has touched all our lives, in powerful and often painful ways. With striking clarity, it has brought home how closely we’re connected to one another, and to the natural world. Our path…
26 October 2020

ROLL CALL: Protecting our public lands is a national health issue Featured

In recent months we’ve seen an outpouring of interest in visiting parks and rivers nationwide. As someone who loves spending time outdoors, I can relate to anyone who seeks comfort and relaxation in nature —…

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