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07 December 2019

MONTE VISTA JOURNAL: Traditional Sheepherding in the San Luis Valley

We are in an age of transition, with new technology evolving at an accelerating rate. It seems that every day we are adapting to a new world. With every new adaptation, we are leaving a…
06 December 2019

LAS VEGAS SUN: Don't Waste Public Land on Unproductive Leases

Nevadans, as well as our state’s sportsmen and women, are getting a raw deal when it comes to speculative oil and gas leasing on public lands.
02 December 2019

LAS CRUCES SUN NEWS: Our Water Should Matter More Than Their Profits

New Mexico is a state with abundant natural resources, but, unfortunately, our water supplies are in short supply. That’s why we need to work collaboratively to ensure that we can sustain future generations of our…
21 November 2019

MEDIUM: We Must Act Now to Protect Our Oceans, Preserve Their Cultural Importance

When I think about the places I have lived and loved most in my life, they have always been near the ocean. When I was a child, my family lived on the shores of El…
18 November 2019

ARIZONA DAILY SUN: Clearer Than Ever Public Lands Need Protection

I recently had the opportunity to join Hispanic Access Foundation on a trip to Petrified Forest National Park — my first visit to this breathtaking corner of Arizona.
18 September 2019

WESTWORD: Congress must protect the Land and Water Conservation Fund

I have been in Colorado for twelve years, the longest I have lived in any single place, and it's hard to leave.

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