I am Cheo: Social Media Guidance

Create Your Own I Am Cheo

We may live in different geographies, eat different foods, speak different languages or live very different lives. But, we are all connected through our humanity and the devastation suffered through wildfires, pollution, extreme weather and climate change. Help spread this message!

  • Step 1: Record your own video “I Am Cheo” portrait
    Simply use your smart phone to record yourself saying “I Am Cheo” into your camera. 3-5 seconds are all that it takes. Want extra credit? Record yourself in an interesting place or with a cool backdrop.

  • Step 2: Share it on social media
    Post your video portait on social media along with the link to www.IAmCheo.org and #IAmCheo. Don’t forget to tag @hispanicaccess because we’ll share it too!


  • Check out the new @hispanicaccess film #IAmCheo that explores #Latinos, #EnvironmentalJustice and #Wildfires through eyes of young Latino, Cheo, in a sweeping cinematic journey across the lands that are both his history and his future. http://www.iamcheo.org

  • Marginalized and vulnerable communities face the most severe consequences of increasingly damaging wildfires. Latino communities are speaking up and ready for policymakers to take action to address climate change. #LatinosForClimateAction #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • #IAmCheo unites all communities in the need to become advocates against climate change to urge Congress to take action to prepare and protect vulnerable communities from the devastating natural disasters, like wildfires. http://www.iamcheo.org

  • How can Latino and other vulnerable communities be prepared before, during, and after wildfires to secure their safety? Our Wildfire Management Toolkit can help! #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • The new film #IAmCheo shines a spotlight on the Latino community and the effects of #climatechange and #wildfires. The #WildfireManagementToolkit help communities access the services they need to plan, respond, recover and adapt. http://www.iamcheo.org 


  • Latinos experience a higher housing cost burden making it harder to evacuate or rebuild after a fire. We’re ready for policy to help mitigate those consequences in the face of catastrophic wildfires. #LatinosForClimateAction #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • Policy that ensures equal access to all communities to available resources is essential in assisting communities in danger of devastating wildfires. #LatinosForClimateAction #WildfireManagementToolkit #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • The Latino voice is crucial in proactive and integrative land use planning to prepare and protect communities from the devastating effects of wildfires. #LatinosForClimateAction #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

Public/Mental Health:

  • In 2015, 19.5% of the Latino population was not covered by health insurance, creating a disadvantage for the community in receiving the proper health services to rebuild after devastating natural disasters. Our #WildfireManagementToolkit provides resources that can help. #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • Wildfire smoke and air pollution pose higher risks for illness to Latino communities due to the lack of appropriate and inadequate services and resources. Find resources to help in our #WildfireManagementToolkit. #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • PTSD, depression, and stress are often triggered by devastating natural disasters, like wildfires. These trauma-related health concerns are discussed in the #WildfireManagementToolkit. #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org


  • There are significant barriers and challenges in immigrant communities in the face of emergency preparedness and disaster relief. How can we break down these barriers to ensure secure re-building after disasters to all communities? #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org

  • Only 39% of Latino households have taken any steps to prepare for an emergency. Emergency management systems NEED to be structured by taking the needs of Latino communities into consideration. #PlanningWithLatinos #IAmCheo http://www.iamcheo.org 

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