I am Cheo: Take Action

Host a screening

Help spread the word in your community about the importance of engaging Latinos in climate action, emergency management planning, and environmental policies. Click here on how to get started.

Become a CHEO Ambassador

Help engage Latinos in your community to act on climate and prepare for, respond to, or recover from emergencies, natural disasters and the adverse effects of climate change.

Sign Up as a Bilingual Community Hotline Responder

Sign up to be a bilingual emergency hotline responder when natural disasters strike communities. This is a program Hispanic Access Foundation will be building in the next few years to train volunteers to answer questions from monolingual and bilingual Spanish speakers during emergencies. Once the program is developed, we will reach back out to you to provide additional information about how to get trained and involved.

Engage your elected officials

Talk to your city council member(s), mayor, board of county supervisors/commissioners, state legislators, or member(s) of congress about urgently acting to address climate change and mitigate the effects on marginalized and underserved communities

  • Schedule a meeting with your representative
  • Ask your representatives publicly on social media to take urgent action to address climate change and the adverse effects on Latino communities. See our social media guidance for ideas.
  • Invite them to an I am Cheo screening.

Partner with organizations

Collaborate with organizations in your area already taking action to address climate change and engaging Latino and other diverse communities in environmental issues.

Reduce your carbon footprint

While we urge decision makers and government bodies to transition away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy sources, it is also important for us to reduce our carbon footprint. Research online about how to DYI in your home, commute, or other daily activities. Also research programs in your area to reduce your own energy and water consumption.

Share the film

Use the link IamCheo.org to share the film with your friends, family and network!

Take to Social Media

See our social media guidance for ideas

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